5 Easy Ways for Small Businesses to Increase Their Social Media Growth

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

In Foley, Alabama, or anywhere for that matter, most small businesses are facing one common problem: How to grow their social media from less than 500 followers to a 10k follower powerhouse. Social media growth can be extremely frustrating, slow, and even seem pointless at some points when your posts (that you spent a lot of time crafting) get 20, 15, or even 7 likes at a time. And let's not get started on the nonexistent DMs or comments.

At one point or another, this thought may have occurred to you: "Maybe I don't really need social media. My clientele might not even use it". I cannot express enough how wrong this line of thinking is. Yes, social media can be frustrating and it can seem like you're going in circles, but in the end it will be an absolute must have.

Now, what are the 5 ways people in Foley, Alabama can achieve social media growth?

Patience and Consistency!

1. Patience and Consistency.

Posting on a regular schedule (The HOTspot recommends at least once per week) is imperative to make sure you stay relevant and on your client/customer's feed. Even if it is just to your story on Instagram, you need to be sure to post regularly. Don't stress as much on super high-quality in the beginning. If I had to choose between quantity vs. quality, I would say quantity for the early stages.


2. #Hashtags!

Hashtags are a must have for your business. Even if it is a generic one like #coffeelife, that is better than having nothing. However, The HOTspot recommends having a set of 3 unique hashtags. If you're not creative, The HOTspot will give 3 FREE recommendations if you email us using the code: TOP5.

When thinking of what unique hashtags to use, think of what the three best description words would be to describe your business. Hashtags, although seemingly straightforward, are a very important aspect to your social media.

Finally, don't be afraid to get creative! Social media is the personality of your business, so keep it fun and light!

Help Me Help You

3. Help Me Help You

The easiest way to pick up some new followers and get your name out there is to follow all of the local businesses. They will usually see that your page is also a local business and will return the favor. Not only this, but their followers will see your page as a "you may want to follow" in their feed since the company they follow is following you. Don't over complicate it. In the beginning, following more people (as long as they are relevant) is OK in order to get your name out there.

Your Competition is Your Friend

4. Your Competition is Your Friend

While in the physical space, your competition may be your worst enemy. On social media however, they can be your greatest lead generator. By targeting their followers, you already know that their followers are interested in similar services that you offer. By following and DMing the competitions following, you will be getting free, quality leads.

This will also give you the opportunity to see what is working for your competition and what is not. You can learn a lot from your competitors successes and failures!

5. Use The HOTspot's Social Media Growth Service

The HOTspot uses these methods, along with other tools, to capture followers faster and more effectively than someone doing it by themselves. While it is doable, we find that most business owners either don't have the time or don't want to have anything to do with the digital side of operations. It's hard enough posting content consistently, so let The HOTspot manage your social media for you.

At the end of the day, social media is here to stay so don't make the mistake of pushing it aside and hoping that it will just go away. The playing field is still wide-open for most industries, but that landscape will change rapidly in the coming years. If the workload, posting, followings management, etc. is holding you back, contact The HOTspot for a free consult. The HOTspot also offers website building, SEO work, video production, strategic consulting, and pretty much anything else in the digital space!

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