For Better or Worse, Social Media is Here to Stay

Social Media, like many topics in today's world, is one filled with controversy. Whether it's politics, trends, or arguments over the use of filters, it is safe to say that social media has changed the landscape for many industries. Love it or hate it, it's here to stay. With an estimated 3 billion people (1/3 of the population) logging onto a social platform every month, it is clear to see that social media plays a massive role in our daily lives. In the U.S., a recent survey found that 81% of Americans have at least one social media account.

3 Billion log-ins per month

What Does This Mean

So, the question is, "What does this mean for myself and my business?" Just looking at these numbers can be staggering but at the end of the day they are only numbers. Sure, that is a lot of people but if you take no action and have no strategy, business will be the same as always. I still find it baffling how many businesses don't have their Instagram accounts set to a business profile, or even worse, don't have a profile at all!

Now, even for those who have the account and have made it a business account, a majority of small businesses struggle to reach 1,000 followers. Why is this? There are many reasons that can be causing slow growth but the most common problem I see is due to the fact that the business owner either doesn't have the time or they don't want to do it. It makes sense, life is busy and the business owners already have a full plate managing the physical side of operations. That's where The HOTspot comes in.

Let The HOTspot Help You Figure Out Your Audience

Seize the Opportunity

In a previous article, I mentioned that the landscape on social media is still wide-open for most industries. Since most small companies, along with large corporations, are still figuring out their strategies and building their following on social media, this leaves the door open for smaller companies. Unlike the struggle and difficulty that comes along with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media isn't dominated by larger companies just yet.

Yes, this will change and front-runners will begin to form and become the powerhouses on social media. However, if done correctly, there is still time for your personal brand and/or business to seize the opportunity of this fair playing field.

Final Thoughts

As always, we would love to help you on your digital journey to scaling your business. The HOTspot offers Website Design and Development, Social Media Growth & Management, SEO Work, Video Production, and more. For additional information, click here.