3 Ways to Improve Your Website Immediately

Often times, after your website is built, either by yourself or by a company, you may not think about it again and move onto the second phase (social media and SEO). However, this is one of the biggest mistakes a company can make. A lot of the time, I hardly see the business owner go through each aspect of their website to make sure 1. It works properly and 2. the layout is effective and not confusing. In fact, I challenge you to look up local businesses wherever you are and check out a few of the websites. If you want to see some of the websites I have seen, just look up "Businesses in Foley, Alabama". I guarantee that a good amount are not mobile compatible or they have buttons or links that don't work. Not only this, but the layout might look like it hasn't been updated in years!

Websites are a broad topic so, in this article, I will focus solely on the layout and style your website needs to be in order to keep visitors interested and more importantly, convert more people into sales. Let's get started!

Information Overload!

1. Information Overload!

In today's world, as I'm sure you've noticed, there are mountains and mountains of information being thrown out at every turn in the form of texts, calls, emails, notifications, FB messenger, Snapchat, DMs, etc. This can lead to "information overload". That being said,as the world gets faster and there are more outlets for information to be pumped out of, it will continually become harder to keep the attention of your site visitors. So, how do you avoid this problem?

Start off by examining your home page. Type in your URL and then open a new tab. Next type in the URL www.hotspoton59.com. If there is a major difference such as: verbiage, popups, ads, etc. littering your site's homepage, you have a problem. If you'll notice The HOTspot's layout, you will see that it is a simple slideshow and directly underneath is "What We Do". This answers right off the bat what we do along with a few photos for support. Immediately under that, we have "Who We Work With". So, in less than 10 seconds, you know what we do and who our customers are. I can't count how many times I've opened a site and been bombarded by pop-ups, flashy advertisements, and lots of text without learning anything about the business itself or what they're trying to sell.

People Don't Want to Read Anymore

2. People Don't Want to Read Anymore

As crazy as this might sound, think about this for a second: When was the last time you saw someone reading a book in public? An even better question: When was the last time you read a full-length article? The simple fact is that people don't have the time or want to read lots of words anymore. Sure, business owners and entrepreneurs may read to improve their knowledge, but who wants to read lots of verbiage on a website that sells sauces or clothing? This all stems from the first point about information overload. Due to this problem, people can't and won't try to read and digest your information.

You might be thinking, "Well how am I supposed to let my customers know what I sell or what people think about me?!" The answer is simple: Video. In fact, behind Google, YouTube is the 2nd most used search engine in the world. So, when you're website is up and running, your home screen needs to have either a quick slideshow or a video. For example, one of The HOTspot's clients, Potty Train with Pinky Bear had previously had a website built for them. This website had no video and pages and pages of text. After The HOTspot built their new website, it was much more sleek and user-friendly. You can check out their new website here.

Now, producing, filming, editing, etc. may sound like a headache. However, with one good 60 second video explaining who, what, and why to your customers as well as some reviews, I can almost guarantee you will increase your conversion rate immediately. For more information on video production, click here

Your Website Should be a One-Two Punch

3. Your Website Should be a One-Two Punch

The final piece applies to anyone who sells a product of any kind. This last point will sound so simple and make so much sense that you might be kicking yourself if you haven't already done this tactic. The HOTspot has implemented this strategy for several of our clients and we have gotten great results. Are you ready for this?

Right under the informational 60 second video, put the products that you sell. This simple move will increase sales like you wouldn't believe. By taking away the hassle of trying to find the product, the consumer has a streamlined experience. As simple as this concept sounds, a majority of businesses seem to think they have to let the consumer know every aspect of their business. Again, check out some of the local businesses that sell online products to see for yourself! If a consumer has to take more than 10 seconds to find your product, they will typically become frustrated and move on to the next site. I see so many businesses make this mistake it blows my mind.

Final Thoughts

So, to recap, the biggest mistake you can make is to fall into the trap of putting too much out there. Sure, you can have a separate page titled "Our Story" or something like that for consumers who are truly interested in your story, but DO NOT put that on your homepage for everyone to see. Remember, we live in a society where people want things done as fast and easy as possible.

If you're interested in having The HOTspot analyze your website and give specific recommendations, you can contact us here.

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