Who We Work With

Berdeaux's Sauces

Berdeaux's Sauces is an excellent one-stop shop for all of your gourmet sauce needs. Each bottle is glass and of the highest quality. Their goal is to change the way you look at sauces and cooking. Be sure to pick up a box of sauces! The HOTspot built Berdeaux's Sauces website to make it more streamlined and eye-appealing.

Brok "Chata Tuska" Weaver - UFC Fighter

Brok Weaver is a current Lightweight UFC fighter from the MOWA Indian tribe in Alabama. The HOTspot is working with "The Choctaw Warrior" to ensure his message reaches the maximum amount of people daily. From content creation to Social Media Growth, The HOTspot is honored to work with Brok.

Chaz the Rapper

Chaz "The Kid" Rapper is a 9 year-old rapper out of Miami who won the America's Got Talent competition in Miami. The HOTspot is tasked with growth and strategy for Chaz's brand locally and globally.

Doug Kiker aka "The Singing Garbage Man"

Doug Kiker is a phenom singer who worked part-time as a garbage man. After his viral audition tape, which racked up over 300 million views aired, Doug was launched into the arena. The HOTspot is providing full-service strategy for Doug. From video production to social media growth, The HOTspot is full-on.

Foley Farmers Market

The Foley Farmers Market is a local market in the city that The HOTspot is headquartered. The Foley Farmers Market is being given free multimedia marketing from The HOTspot due to it being a non-profit and a part of The HOTspot's city of operation.

Happy Tooth

Happy Tooth Dental, located near Chicago, Illinois, is a dental practice that offers a wide range of services. The HOTspot has been tasked with Social Media Growth with plans to initiate Sales funnels after the growth stage is complete.

Joyce's Jewelry

Joyce's Jewelry is a self-owned and operated jewelry vendor that offers Fine or Fun jewelry. From earrings to anklets, each of the beautiful pieces are hand-crafted and can be clearly seen in each of the one of a kind pieces produced. Joyce's Choices is utilizing The HOTspot's website building services to put together her lifelong dream of having her own jewelry store.

Law Offices of JMAC

The Law Offices of JMAC is a law firm based out of Mobile, AL. They specialize in the fields of Mediation, Family Law, Animal Law and Probate. The Law Offices of JMAC is an excellent firm for anyone who wants quality service and peace of mind. The Law Offices of JMAC used The HOTspot for their website development and video production.


SummerLife is a lifestyle brand that is all about good vibes and Summertime. They make their own Dead Sea Salt Scrub, apparel, beach essentials and more! SummerLife puts their mission in their motto "Where Summer Never Ends..." If you want a great brand with high-quality products, check them out!


XPressPrint is a printing shop that prints promotional items for companies across the U.S. and Canada. The HOTspot has been tasked with building out their new website with several cool features for clients.

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Happy Tooth

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Happy Tooth